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Direct-to-pharmacy solution is full service and totally integrated distribution model of medical products. This service model takes a new approach to distribution, bypassing the wholesalers and building direct relationships with pharmacists and hospitals. DTP aims at gaining greater control and visibility of supply chain and enabling producers  to promote their products in a compelling way directly to customer.

In the past year, the Company increased its share in financing investments in hospitalsWhen financing the hospital sector, in order to minimize the risk of receivables difficult to collect, Nettle focuses on correct selection of hospitals for the portfolio. For this purpose, it applies criteria of proper diversification by unit commitment and financial situation of each financed hospital.

Nettle S.A. specializes in full outsourcing of the receivables management process as well as in financing of the health care sector. Since 2006, the company presented a modern approach and original solutions (also in the field of IT).Outsourcing of the receivables management process includes risk management by monitoring of receivables leading to amicable debt collection and ultimately judicial collection and enforcement.